With 35 years of industry experience, Salmon Falls Nursery & Landscaping has an impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects. We invite you to take a look at a few of our favorite projects. We hope these images spark some ideas for you, and provide inspiration for your own landscapes.


Ogunquit Resized

Ogunquit, Maine

These new homeowners wanted to minimize upkeep on their vacation home, and “No grass” was the request. After much discussion, an existing deck was removed to create a two-level patio with gardens all around. The garden design consisted of trees and shrubs for screening in this tight neighborhood. Japanese Maples were incorporated to add color and a plethora of flowering shrubs and perennials were chosen for all-season interest.


Anderson Cove, Acton, Maine

This lakeside home was a complete remodel. A new irregular bluestone walkway at the front entrance surrounded by new planting added seasonal color and year round interest. We replaced the old steps to the lake with beautiful oversized reclaimed granite that fit nicely with the surrounding landscape.

Shapleigh Resized

Mousam Lake, Shapleigh, Maine

For this new home construction property, the homeowner did not want any turf. There was a lot of space to fill so we designed a combination of plants, dry river beds, and stepping stones. Many of the open areas are mulched with the naturally falling pine needles. This project is developing in stages with additional plants and blueberry sod to be added in phases.

York Harbor Resized

York Harbor, Maine

We have spent the last three years developing this landscape by adding to existing beds and creating new ones. We designed three large gardens in the expansive front yard adding interest, shape, and dimension. Native Red Maple trees have been added to the lawn area to create some shade and help prevent the lawn from burning out in the hot summer.

Great East Resized

Great East Lake, Acton, Maine

This new-construction home on Great East Lake features terraced walls that are both attractive and functional. The terraced garden works to slow runoff eliminating washout by the house and driveway. During construction, we unearthed several large boulders that were incorporated into the landscape design. Many of the plants in the design are native to the region, including blueberries bushes.

Biddeford Resized

Biddeford Pool, Maine

This new-construction home with ocean views was a collaborative project with a local architect and builder. We provided the design and installation of plant material for the property’s compact lawn and garden. We designed the landscape over the winter, so it could be installed as soon as the snow melted in the spring.